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          Our faculty was established by  the University Senate 2011/14 bid, 28.07.2011, Higher Education General Assembly's approval, Ministry of Education’s proposal writing and the Council of Ministers’ decision that is 2012/3363 dated 25/06/2012; Law 2809’s additional clause 30 and this decision has entered into force on August 4, 2012 and published in the Official Gazette No. 28374. 
Our faculty began to education in 2010-2011 academic years, which includes two separate bachelor programs as Primary Religious Culture and Moral Education Department and Bachelor of Theology. Bachelor of Theology program’s education period is 5 years with compulsory Arabic Preparation, Primary Religious Culture and Moral Education Department's education period is 4 years.

Classroom, Laboratory and Workshop 
Our Faculty’s education units and physical structure are convenient to allow students to study the methods of our age. The students work in classrooms and lecture hall that are equipped with recent technological devices. Our faculty has two computer labs, a music class and an art class. Moreover, one foreign language lab has been activated since 2013-2014 academic Years.

Our faculty has a library that is convenient to development. Library includes mainly Theology books with almost every sphere related works and periodicals. There are several books mainly in Turkish, Arabic, Persian and Ottoman with other books that are written in Western languages. Users can reach the books in our library by using the Internet address that is http://yordam.bayburt.edu.tr/. In addition national and international databases also can be reached from our university library and can be benefitted from electronic sources.

Conferences and Seminars Facilities
Academic studies such as conferences, panels, symposiums etc. can be carried out at 147 person capacity hall which is Prof. Dr. Gökhan Budak hall at İİBF.  Also, our faculty has a meeting room where seminars are arranged weekly and Faculty Academic Council meetings are hold.

Canteen and Recreational Facilities
Our faculty has a large student canteen that is arranged to meet the recreational needs of our students. There is also a table tennis hall that our students can benefit from.

Student Clubs
Science, Culture and Art Club
The club aims to improve the exchange of information between students and instructors that the advisor of the club is Assist. Prof. Dr. Yusuf ŞEN, Faculty of Theology. For this purpose, seminars, conferences, panels, symposiums, meetings, commemoration, books, promotional programs, exhibitions, book signings, and such social events are organized. In addition, the club arranges all kinds of social, visual and artistic activities within our faculty and our university.

Post-Graduate Job Opportunities
Students who graduated from our faculty are employed in the following areas:
Ministry of Education
Students can be Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge teacher in Primary and secondary schools; they can be teachers for vocational courses in Imam Hatip high schools.
Religious Affairs
They can be Imam, muezzin, mufti, preachers and Koran courses teachers at religious affairs; addition to basic services, they can be trainers at in-service training courses, experts in the High Council of Religious Affairs, religious attaché abroad and can take part in the various stages of the Religious Affairs Directorate as religious advisers.
If they have postgraduate training, they can be faculty in social sciences areas especially in the Faculty of Theology of the Universities.

Associate / Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Education Facilities
Our Faculty is an institution of higher education that Theology Department includes a 5-year education with preparatory classes and the Department of Primary Education Religious Culture and Moral Education knowledge includes 4 years education. In addition, Open University has a 2-year Vocational Schools. The students can receive a diploma for four years program by entering the vertical pass exam, who won the right to register a 4-year program İLİTAM (Theology Degree Completion), graduated from these departments of Open University. After they graduated from our faculties, they have the opportunity to master's and doctorate in all disciplines through the Institute of Social Sciences.

Training Opportunities Abroad
The Students graduated from our faculty are able to have their postgraduate studies in different countries through the Ministry of Education. Announcements are made by the Ministry of Education. In addition, students can have their postgraduate education in the educational institutions abroad at their own expense.